KISS Synergy



Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Detox Synergy:

Purifying bath blend. Stimulating body massage blend. Toning body massage blend. Kick start your detox regime with this stimulating trio!

travel sun

Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Travel and Sun Synergy:

Travel inhalation blend. Moisturizing after-sun blend. Make sure to keep room in your travel bag to bring along this dynamic duo.


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

At Home Synergy:

Herbal-citrus vaporizing blend. Citrus-floral vaporizing blend. Flora-herbal vaporizing blend. Bedtime bath blend. Heavenly body massage blend. Nightime vaporizing blend. Fresh, bright, uplifting and relaxing blends for at home.


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Room Fragrance Synergy:

All purpose air freshener. Bathroom freshener. Livingroom fragrance. A deodorizer and disinfectant room spray. Fragrant, exotic potpourri. Fragrant, spicy potpourri. Keep your house smelling clean, fresh and chase away bacteria and viruses at the same time.


Keep It Simply Scentsational!

Cold Season Synergy:

Comforting bath blend. Purifying vaporizing blend. Clearing inhalation blend. Fresh invigorating scents to chase away the winter blues, sniffles and sneezes ...


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Work and Study Synergy:

Concentration, Fresh Work Space and Air Purifying blends for a vaporizer. 


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Sports Synergy:

Muscle Ease bath blend. Stimulating body massage blend. Cold compress for tired muscles. These will get you to to the finish line and beyond.


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Steam Treatment Synergy:

Steam treatment for blackheads. Steam inhalation for catarrh. Steam inhalation for laryngitis. Steam inhalation for sinusitis. Powerful, cleansing and purifying essential oils. 

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