Essential Oils, Self Help and Herbs for Laryngitis


Respiratory System

An inflammation of the larynx, often accompanying a loss of voice. Laryngitis is usually associated with upper-respiratory tract infections, so there is often a scratchy, sore throat and fever. The cough sounds dry and barking.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils:

Laryngitis Commiphora myrrha [myrrh]; Eucalyptus globulus [Tasmanian blue gum]; Inula graveolens [elecampane]; Mentha arvensis [cornmint]; Mentha x piperita [peppermint]; Piper nigrum [black pepper]

Self Help

Self Help:

Hot wraps around the neck

Soak cotton cloth in apple cider vinegar and wrap around the neck

Spread arnica salve on the neck – always cover any neck wrap or compress with a dry towel

Steam inhalations help soothe and heal laryngitis

Use a humidifier if the room is dry



To kill germs – gargle with sage tea every hour, or at least three times a day

Tea tree oil is an antiseptic. Add 5 drops to warm water and gargle

Add unpasteurized honey to Echinacea, ginger, garlic, sage, goldenseal, licorice or slippery elm herbal teas for hoarseness and coughs.

For steam inhalations: wild thyme, sage, lavender or oak bark

Oak bark – has antiseptic, anti-inflamatory, pain-relieving and astringent properties

Wild thyme – disinfects the breathing organ

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