Essential Oils, Self Help and Reflexology for Sprains


Musculo-Skeletal System

If excessive demands are made upon a joint, the ligaments that hold the neighboring bones together and keep the joint in position may be torn. This injury is a sprain, and its severity depends on how badly the ligaments are torn.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Sprains Achillea millefolium [yarrow]; Lavandula angustifolia [lavender]; Leptospermum scoparium [manuka]; Myristica fragrans [nutmeg]; Pimenta racemosa [West Indian bay]; Rosa damascena, R. centifolia [rose otto]

Self Help

Self Help

Within the first 24 hours, apply a cold compress/ice pack to the affected area to minimize swelling

After the first 24 hours, apply heat to the affected area to promote healing

Support the joint with an elastic bandage and rest it

When at rest, keep the affected area elevated

Soaking a sprain in warm water with rosemary or thyme will help increase circulation to the area and speed healing

Arnica tincture can be used to make a hot compress or bath. Use 1 tsp in ½ litre of water. Soak the sprain for 15 minutes in the solution, repeating every 4 hours

After a day or so, start to exercise the joint as much as possible and within your level of pain tolerance

Arnica gel, cream or ointment will also help, but do not use it if the skin is broken


Reflexology areas to emphasize

Reflex of the affected joint – to promote circulation in the area

Adrenal glands – helpful for inflammation is free to access and use.
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