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AromaworX™ was created to provide the seeker with information and knowledge on the safe use of essential oils.

The Essential Oils portion of this site explores the physical, mental and emotional healing properties of some of the more well-known plants, herbs and trees that are used to produce essential oils. The botanical name is listed (this can be important when using these oils for healing purposes), along with therapeutic properties and the different ways you can employ these oils, such as in a bath, as a room scent, or included into a massage blend.

In the Helping a Distressed Body section, there are many common ailments listed, where the ailment itself is explained, and suggestions for a natural approach to healing with herbal remedies, essential oils that are effective, recommended gemstones, and reflexology areas to emphasize. As always, please use common sense in any health situation, and if there is any question, please seek the advice and help of a Medical Practitioner. The suggestions in this section were designed to complement rather than replace the advice of your Doctor.

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