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Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Synergistic blending is when the combination is more than the sum of its parts; it increases the potency without increasing the dosage. The following blends are examples of synergistic formulas for mind and body. Most essential oils are endowed with numerous therapeutic properties, but for reasons of clarity and space, only three or four "principal actions" are listed. It would take volumes to explore all the possibilities and permutations of synergistic blends, but these examples should give you a good idea of how many effects can be achieved with twelve essential oils.


Keep It Simply Scentsational!

Pamper Yourself with Essential Oils in the Bath

Run a warm bath and ensure the door and windows are closed. When the tub is sufficiently filled, add up to 10 drops of essential oil to the water, circulating it throughout. As the oil is moved, the scent will rise with the steam of the water.

herbal bath

Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Herbal Bath Synergy:

Mix your own herbal bath blends ahead of time. Herbal Bath Vinegar. Mint Tang. Herb Spice. Forest Fantasy. 


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

State of Mind Synergy:

Uplifting blends for burnout, computer fatigue, confidence builder, creativity enhancer, depression and logic. Use the blends in a bath, on a burner or add to a carrier oil for a mood-enhancing massage.


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Stress Buster Synergy:

Tough day at the office? Try these relaxing formulas to wind down, relax and ground. Great combinations for in a bath, on a burner or even blended into a massage oil.


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Sensuous Synergy:

Sensual body massage blends for him and her. An aphrodisiac bath blend. The rest is up to your imagination...


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Pure Luxury Synergy:

A decadent bath blend. A luxury body massage blend. A pure floral bouquet perfume. Just add candles, and your evening will be filled with a symphony of scent.


Keep It Simply Scent-sational!

Healthy Face Synergy:

Three different skin types. Steam blend. Light day moisturizing blend. Overnight nourishing blend. Now it is easier to keep that healthy glow.