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Life Stages

Life Stages


Pregnancy is a wonderful time and there are many essential oils that can be used safely and effectively. Massage blends in pregnancy should contain half the number of drops  of essential oils in a normal blend. For instance, if a normal blend consists of 4 drops Lavender and 2 drops Roman Chamomile in 20 ml / 4 tsp carrier oil, during pregnancy modify the blend by using 2 drops of Lavender and 1 drop of Roman Chamomile.

Aromatic back massage is one of the most soothing treatments for a pregnant woman, especially when nearing labor.

It is important to remember that essential oils will pass through the skin and be experienced by the baby as well, so do not add or change the recommended oils.

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The best and only oils to use for the first 48 hours after birth are carrier oils – Extra Virgin Olive Oil and / or Sweet Almond Oil. Never use commercial baby oil to massage your baby! It is mainly mineral oil and should not be used by anyone, least of all your baby. No essential oils are to be used during this time.

Did you Know….

Mineral oil (Liquid Petrolatum) causes blood and skin cancer formations in animals; eye and skin irritant; derived from petroleum; non-biodegradable environmental toxin.

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During this time the range of oils may be extended to include tea tree and peppermint and the amount of oil increased.

Severe Colic

1 drop dill essential oil

Diluted in 1 tablespoon sweet almond oil. Rub this gently over baby’s tummy in a circular motion. Turn baby over and do the same over middle portion of back.

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Teenagers need to touch ‘home base’ despite the fact that they are forever extending their sights outward and out of the home. Perhaps even more so because of that! Touch is extremely important for everyone, but parents tend to touch their children less and less as they grow older. In fact, some children will have years during which nobody touches them closely or caringly at all. Cuddles may seem childish to a teenager, but massage is a very grown up thing to do and an excellent way to get in touch and send love to your teenage child literally and figuratively speaking. You can massage the hands or feet as well as the shoulders, back or legs, or a full body massage – whatever your teenager has time for or will allow.

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Essential Oils for Concentration:

Intellectual: Lemon, basil, lemongrass, cardamom, bergamot, orange, cedarwood, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense

The essential oils listed in italics are particularly efficient for intellectual study.

For a stimulating effect, to give a little boost to the study room, try using a citrus essential oil: lemon or grapefruit, lemon eucalyptus, or a light floral in a room diffusor. The aroma should not be overpowering, but barely perceptible.

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Wild abandon may have given way to wisdom, but there is still the desire to look and feel your best. Once you are retired, there is more time to enjoy the things you have put off doing for so long. This can be a wonderful, rewarding period of life. Essential oils can help alleviate the nagging things that sometimes come with advancing age – this time of your life should be a time of enjoyment, so don’t hang up those dancing shoes just yet ….

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