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Essential Oil Profiles

Essential Oil Profiles

The essence of a plant acts as a natural defense mechanism; it protects the plant from bacteria, fungi, pests, heat and cold. In fact, the essence of a plant actively participates in the plant's development. There are no two plants that smell exactly alike and the properties of each are unique, which is why the essential oils derived from these plants offer so many benefits.

Basil - Ocimum basilicum

In Italy, basil symbolizes love; women put a pot of basil outside their window when they are ready for romance...

Basil has a light, fresh, sweet-spicy scent and balsamic undertone.

Nature: uplifting, soothing

It is antiseptic and can be used as a mouthwash for mouth ulcers and gum infections.

Ideal in a cold compress or aromatherapy diffusor to calm the nervous system and ease headaches and migraines.

Principal Actions: Calms the nervous system; stimulating for circulation and digestion.

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Bay (Sweet)

During outbreaks of the plague in Rome, people were advised to live in the vicinity of bay trees...

Bay Laurel Leaf (Sweet Bay) has a fresh, powerful, spicy-medicinal scent.

Nature: warming, purifying

In a steam inhalation, the vapors open the sinus and breathing passages.

Ideal in massage, bath or compress to relieve aching limbs and muscles, improve circulation, and help in the reduction of cellulite.

Principal Actions: Digestive stimulant; analgesic for sprains and aching limbs and muscles.

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Benzoin - Styrax benzoin Blossoms

The food industry uses benzoin to flavor foods and beverages...

Benzoin has an intensely rich sweet-balsamic scent.

Nature: balancing, uplifting, euphoric

It warms and tones the heart and circulation, both physically and metaphorically.

It soothes inflamed, chapped and irritated skin conditions.

Ideal in a massage or compress to ease the discomfort of arthritis, rheumatism and poor circulation.

Principal Actions: Respiratory expectorant; healing to the skin; calming effect on the digestive and nervous systems.

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bergamot citrus bergamia

The bergamot fruit should not be confused with an herb in the mint family, monarda, which is also known as bergamot ...

Bergamot has a fresh sweet-fruity top note and slightly spicy-balsamic undertone.

Nature: balancing, euphoric

It is an antidepressant and is widely used to relieve anxiety, nervous tension and stress.

Ideal in massage for all types of skin care – acne, boils, cold sores, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, wounds, and for oily complexions.

Use in a vaporizer to freshen the air.

Principal Actions: Antidepressant, healing for infected skin.

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Black Pepper

During the Middle Ages, pepper was the most important commodity traded between India and Europe. Rents and taxes were frequently paid with pepper...

Black Pepper is a warming and reviving oil with a fresh, dry-woody, warm spicy scent.

Nature: warming, reviving

Improves the benefits of other oils that are used together with black pepper.

Ideal in a bath or skin oil to loosen tight muscles and increase circulation.

Principal Actions: Stimulates the nervous system, aphrodisiac, stimulates the circulation, eases cold and flu symptoms.

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In Malaysia and Java, cajeput oil was a traditional remedy for cholera and muscle and joint pains. In Africa and Asia, the oil is used as an insecticide and parasiticide...

Cajeput is a penetrating, uplifting oil with a camphoraceous-medicinal scent.

Nature: uplifting, stimulating

It is stimulating and known for producing a sensation of warmth and quickening the pulse.

In a steam inhalation, it is effective for chronic laryngitis and bronchitis.

Ideal in a hot or cold compress for cystitis and rheumatism.

Principal Actions: Boosts the immune, urinary and respiratory systems; eases aching muscles.

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Camphor - Cinnamomum camphora

The price of camphor was once higher than the price of gold...

White camphor has a sharp, pungent camphoraceous odor.

Nature: clearing, stimulating

The vapors open the sinus and breathing passages to ease bronchitis and coughs.

Ideal for use as an insect repellant (flies, moths, etc.) in clothes and linen closets.

Principal Actions: Strong adrenal and cardiac stimulant; uplifting for languid depression.

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caraway carum carvi 02r

Caraway was once an essential ingredient in love potions...

Caraway Seed has a strong, sweet-spicy aroma; warming and stimulating.

Nature: soothing, purifying

It is used as a scalp stimulant in hair care to promote hair growth.

Ideal for improving appetite and digestion; calming nervous indigestion, stomach cramps and flatulence.

Principal Actions: Circulatory, digestive and glandular system stimulant; settles the digestive system, eases menstrual cramps.

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Carrots are eaten to promote lust and to cure impotence...

Carrot seed is warming and calming with a dry, woody-earthy scent.

Nature: warming, soothing

It settles the digestive system, and can be used for anemia, anorexia, colic, indigestion and liver congestion.

Ideal in a massage for revitalizing and toning mature skin, its detoxifying properties are beneficial for arthritis, gout and rheumatism.

Principal Actions: Tonic for liver, digestive tract, muscles and joints; replenishes and rejuvenates dry or mature skin.

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