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Enjoy the wonderful aroma and benefits of essential oils; they can be vaporized in the air, used in your bath and added to your personal beauty regime. Here are some ways to combine and use essential oils with wind (to fragrance the air) and water (in the bath or shower)...

Combine oils together that have similar properties to achieve desired effects - uplifting and mood enhancing, calming and composing, or put them to work to help open sinus passages and ease breathing. Organized and presented in "aroma groups" to help make selections a little less daunting.

Getting Started - Blending Essential Oils Together

Essential oils provide both strong psychological and physical benefits for those individuals who use them. It is believed that when essential oils are blended, their synergy produces a stronger product. However, blending essential oils can be rather difficult and even a bit frustrating for those who try to do so. For this reason, many people, especially beginners, give up trying to do so all together, but there is really no need to so. If one takes the time to do a little research and is willing to experiment, they can learn how to blend essential oils properly. However, one first needs to get the basics down.

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Aroma Lamp: an aroma lamp has a small container that is heated after water and essential oils are added. When the water becomes hot, the aromatic vapors are dispersed into the air.

Candles: 1 – 2 drops – light the candle and wait until the wax begins to melt and then add the oils to the warm wax. Essential oils are inflammable so be careful not to get them on the wick.

Diffusors: 1 – 6 drops – these are especially made for use with essential oils. The idea of a diffusor, whether made of clay, glass or metal, is that it can heat the oils, so allowing their molecules to be released into the air. There are different types of diffusors on the market. You can choose a smaller or larger unit depending on the size of the area to be fragranced.

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Essential oils are a good, natural way to heal many ailments. People have found relief from such things as: insomnia, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, muscle aches, injuries, and much more. Since they are natural, most people can use them without any side effects. Essential oils can also be mixed into special recipes that will help alleviate many symptoms at the same time. These mixtures may contain the essential oils from several different plants so you can get the healing properties of many different essential oils in one mixture. This may be a cost-effective way to use essential oils.

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Taking a bath is one of the best ways to indulge yourself and promote self-healing at the same time. A tranquil, relaxing bath can work wonders on your mood. A hot bath can help to combat the early onset of ailments such as the common cold. A quick, cold bath can invigorate and provide a "pick me up" when we feel like we are in a slump.

The skin is our largest organ of elimination, so we can help our body's natural healing ability along by introducing natural bath products and essential oils to our bath time.

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Fragrance Blending for Perfume

When blending for fragrance or perfume, there are different qualities that must be considered in order to create a pleasing aromatic combination.

In the fragrance industry, scents are referred to as top, middle, or base notes, depending on their aromatic qualities. Top notes tend to be lighter and more volatile, middle notes are more lasting, and base notes are the most enduring and least volatile.

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An interesting approach to combining essential oils was published by Valerie Ann Worwood in her book The Fragrant Mind, where she found that many people naturally gravitated to a particular group of similar oils, which she has dubbed "Aroma Genera". By combining several oils from a similar group of oils, for example, fruits, herbs or resins, the result was very pleasing.

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eucalyptus branch min

Penetrating and often pervasive, the vapors of these essential oils open up the sinus and breathing passages, clearing away problems in the respiratory system brought on by colds, flu, sinusitis and hay fever. They can be used in vaporizers, inhalations, baths, or in blends for chest massage.

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Calming and composing, the vapors of these essential oils promote relaxation. Bypassing our conscious thoughts and directly affecting our limbic system, they have a soothing effect on an over-stimulated nervous system. Choose a couple of favorite essences, blend them together and keep it handy for life's stressful moments.

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