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The bones and muscles give shape and form to the body. Their movement and strength varies with each individual and their age, determining physical ability throughout their lives. It is important to maintain the good health of the bones and muscles, especially as we grow older.

The adult skeleton consists of 206 bones, which are made of living tissue that is rich in blood and nerves. Bones are living things that grow and repair themselves. The body has 602 muscles which account for half an adult’s bodyweight; their primary function is to move the skeleton.

The muscles may be attached directly to the bones, or may be connected by tendons. The muscles and tendons do not act in isolation, but as part of a muscle group controlled by the nervous system.

The bones are a reservoir of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and other elements. Red and white blood cells are produced within bone marrow. The bones, muscles, and tendons maintain their strength and suppleness through exercise, and nutrients from our diet. Many of the chronic ailments affecting this system are related to these two factors.

Essential oils:

Rubefacients for rheumatism of the joint, muscular stiffness, sciatica, lumbago, etc: black pepper, juniper, rosemary, camphor, sweet marjoram

Depurative or antitoxic agents for arthritis, gout, congestion, skin eruptions, etc: juniper, lemon, fennel, lovage is free to access and use.
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