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Scotch Pine

Turpentine, the largest produced oil in the United States, is extracted from lumber byproducts of the pine tree...

Pinus sylvestris

Note: Middle / Base - 60/61

Parts Used: pine needles from evergreen tree

Source: dry distillation of the needles of the evergreen tree native to Scotland and Norway. Most of the oil is produced in the eastern USA from cultivated trees. Some essential oils are extracted from the wood grown in Austria.

Description and Odor Effect: a colorless to pale yellow liquid with dry-balsamic, turpentine-like aroma. Its odor effect is cooling, mentally stimulating, yet also comforting to the emotions.

Nature: uplifting, stimulating, purifying

Blends well with: cedarwood, eucalyptus, juniper, lavender, rosemary, sage, tea tree, frankincense, bergamot, marjoram, sage, lemon, niaouli

Physical Uses: Pine has very powerful antiseptic properties and can be used in the treatment of scabies, headlice, cuts and abrasions, colds, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, sore throats and chest infections. It promotes circulation and is helpful for arthritis, gout, urinary infections, cystitis, and excessive perspiration. As a muscle relaxant, use pine to ease aches and pains, including rheumatic pain.

Mental and Emotional Uses: The stimulating, refreshing and uplifting properties of pine make it helpful for neuralgia, fatigue, nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions. It has a balancing effect on emotions; pine is powerfully protective and energizing.

Caution: Use in low concentrations and avoid using on people with sensitive skin.

Therapeutic Properties: analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal, antineuralgic, antiphlogistic, antirheumatic, antiscorbutic, antiseptic (strong), antispasmodic, antitussive, antiviral, balsamic, cholagogue, choleretic, decongestant, deodorant, depurative (kidneys), disinfectant, diuretic, expectorant, hypertensor, insecticide, laxative, pectoral, refreshing, restorative, reviving, rubefacient, stimulant (circulatory and nervous systems; adrenal glands), sudorific, tonic, vermifuge, vulnerary

Applications: inhalations, bath, vaporise

Keyword: Invigorating

Pine Magic: Cones from pine trees are carried to increase fertility and to have vigorous old age. Pine needles are burned to reverse and send back spells. Used for cleansing the ethers and to attract money.

Scots Pine Harmony

Add these essential oils to 20 ml / 4 teaspoons carrier oil

To ease overworked muscles:

  • 2 drops Scots Pine
  • 4 drops Spike Lavender
  • 4 drops Ginger is free to access and use.
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