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The term “shock” is used to describe an abnormal condition of inadequate blood flow to the body’s peripheral tissues, with life-threatening cellular dysfunction, inadequate blood pressure, and a diminishing capacity to form and pass urine. The condition is usually associated with an inadequate cardiac output, changes in blood flow resistance and distribution, and tissue damage. The signs and symptoms of shock are similar and are related to the condition of hypovolemia. There is a decreased blood flow with a resulting reduction of oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and electrolytes to the body’s tissues and a decreased removal of metabolic wastes.

Hemorrhage may be apparent or concealed; although other factors such as vomiting or diarrhea may account for the deficiency of body fluids.

Hypovolemia: a state of physical collapse and prostration caused by massive blood loss, circulatory dysfunction and inadequate tissue oxygenation.

Reflexology areas to emphasize

En route to the hospital:

Pituitary gland – considered a revival point (if necessary)

Lymphatic drainage – to assist in toxin elimination is free to access and use.
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