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hazelnutCorylus avellana

Family: Betulaceae

Part used: nut

Base oil: can be used 100 percent

Hazelnut is a deciduous tree native to Europe and Asia. The tree grows to a height of about 12 – 30 feet, has green leaves, light-yellow catkins, and red female flowers that develop into nuts. Hazelnut is also known as filbert nut and cob nut.

Contains: vitamins, minerals, protein

Practical uses: has a slight astringent action; good for all skin types. Moisturizes, softens, repairs dry and damaged skin. The carrier/base oil is used to dilute essential oils in aromatherapy for massage oils and other formulations.

Therapeutic Properties: antilithic, aphrodisiac, astringent (mild), parasiticide, stomachic, tonic

The powdered nuts are used as an ingredient in cosmetic face masks. The oil is rich in vitamin E and easily absorbs into the skin. is free to access and use.
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