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Enjoy the wonderful aroma and benefits of essential oils; they can be vaporized in the air, used in your bath and added to your personal beauty regime. Here are some ways to combine and use essential oils with wind (to fragrance the air) and water (in the bath or shower)...

Combine oils together that have similar properties to achieve desired effects - uplifting and mood enhancing, calming and composing, or put them to work to help open sinus passages and ease breathing. Organized and presented in "aroma groups" to help make selections a little less daunting.


Peppy and invigorating, the vapors of these essential oils are ideal for those moments when the mind and body is starting to lag. When you need a little boost to put the spring back in your step, simply combine a couple of your favorites and feel the energy returning. Instant seventh-inning stretch! They can be used in vaporizers, inhalations, baths, or in massage blends.

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Enhancing focus and concentration, these essential oils either on their own or in combination will give the mind a refreshing boost when brain-fog sets in. Use them as an inhalant or vaporize them in the air.

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