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In Europe, the seeds are used for menstrual problems and to abort a fetus...

Myristica aromata

Note: Base

Parts Used: seed and husk

Source: steam (or water) distillation from 1. the dried worm-eaten nutmeg seed (the worms eat away all the starch and fat content) 2. the dried orange-brown aril or husk - mace 3. an oleoresin is also produced in small quantities by solvent extraction from the mace.

Description and Odor Effect: 1. water-white or pale yellow liquid with a sweet, warm-spicy odor and a terpeney top-note. 2. water-white or pale yellow liquid with a sweet, warm, spicy scent. 3. orange-brown viscous liquid with a fresh, spicy-warm, balsamic fragrance.

Nature: stimulating

Blends well with: oakmoss, lavandin, bay leaf, orange, geranium, clary sage, rosemary, lime, petitgrain, mandarin, coriander and other spice oils

Physical Uses: Nutmeg is used in the treatment of arthritis, gout, muscular aches and pains, poor circulation and rheumatism. It supports the digestive system and is useful for easing flatulence, indigestion, nausea, sluggish digestion and bacterial infection.

Mental and Emotional Uses: The uplifting scent of nutmeg is helpful for treating frigidity, impotence, neuralgia and nervous fatigue.

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy. Both nutmeg and mace are generally non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. However, used in large doses they show signs of toxicity such as nausea, stupor and tachycardia, believed to be due to the myristicin content.

Therapeutic Properties: abortifacient, analgesic, antibacterial, antiemetic, antioxidant, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aperitive, aphrodisiac, astringent, calmative, cardiac, carminative, digestive, emmenagogue, estrogenic, expectorant, invigorating, laxative, reviving, sedative, stimulant (circulatory system), stomachic, tonic, uplifting, warming

Application: application, aroma lamp, bath, inhaler, lightbulb ring, massage, mist spray

Keyword: Fortifying

Nutmeg Magic: Nutmegs have long been carried as good luck charms, and are strung with star anise and tonka beans for a potent herbal necklace.

Nutmeg Harmony

Add these essential oils to 20 ml / 4 teaspoons carrier oil

To improve low moods and lift anxiety:

  • 2 drops Nutmeg
  • 4 drops May Chang
  • 4 drops Neroli is free to access and use.
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