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Caraway was once an essential ingredient in love potions...

Caraway Seed has a strong, sweet-spicy aroma; warming and stimulating.

Nature: soothing, purifying

It is used as a scalp stimulant in hair care to promote hair growth.

Ideal for improving appetite and digestion; calming nervous indigestion, stomach cramps and flatulence.

Principal Actions: Circulatory, digestive and glandular system stimulant; settles the digestive system, eases menstrual cramps.

Practical Uses

Methods of use: application, aroma lamp, bath, diffusor, inhaler, lightbulb ring, massage, mist spray

Skin Care with Caraway Seed

A cream made from the caraway herb was used by European women to remove wrinkles and beautify their skin.

Caraway seed stimulates the scalp, promoting hair growth.

To Promote Hair Growth: Mix 3 drops rosemary, 4 drops geranium, 4 drops lavender, 2 drops ginger, 4 drops cypress into 50ml warm water and rub this gently on to the scalp. Repeat daily. Alternative oils are: basil, juniper berry and neroli.

Respiratory System

Caraway is an expectorant that can be used for bronchitis, coughs, colds and laryngitis.

Digestive System

Caraway has strong carminative, digestive and stomachic properties. It supports the digestive system for cases of colic, stomach cramps, flatulence, nervous indigestion and loss of appetite.

To Ease Painful Stomach Cramps: Mix 2 drops caraway, 2 drops basil, 2 drops peppermint and 4 drops mandarin in 20ml/4tsp carrier oil and massage into abdomen using circular clockwise strokes.

To Stimulate the Appetite: Mix 2 drops caraway, 2 drops ginger, 4 drops bergamot and 3 drops juniper berry and use in a warm bath or add these to 20ml/4tsp carrier oil and massage into the abdomen.

Genito-Urinary System

It is used to promote lactation in nursing mothers, to regulate menstruation and for pain relief of menstrual cramps.

To Regulate Menstruation: Mix 2 drops caraway, 2 drops basil, 4 drops sweet marjoram, 2 drops clary sage and use in a bath blend or compress – or add to 20ml/4tsp carrier oil and massage into abdomen and lower back using clockwise, circular strokes.

Caraway in Aromatherapy

Botanical Name: Carum carvi

Note: Top

Parts Used: dried ripe seed

Source: steam distillation from the dried ripe seed or fruit of the biennial herb native to Europe and western Asia.

Description and Odor Effect: crude caraway oil is a pale yellowish-brown liquid with a harsh, spicy odor. Redistilled oil is colorless to pale yellow, with a strong, warm, sweet-spicy odor.

Blends well with: jasmine, cinnamon, cassia and other spices, however it is very overpowering

Application: application, aroma lamp, bath, diffusor, inhaler, lightbulb ring, massage, mist spray

Therapeutic Properties: abortifacient, antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aperitive, astringent, cardiac, carminative, depurative, digestive, disinfectant, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant (mild), galactagogue, parasiticide, regenerator (tissue), stimulant (circulation; digestive and glandular systems), stomachic, tonic (nerves and digestive organs), vermifuge

Safety Data: Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, may cause dermal irritation in concentration.

Caution: aroma is overpowering; use in small amounts; avoid during pregnancy

Caraway – Quick Reference

Skin: hair growth

Respiratory: bronchitis, coughs, laryngitis

Digestive: dyspepsia, colic, flatulence, gastric spasm, nervous indigestion, poor appetite

Genito-urinary: menstrual discomfort, promotes lactation in nursing mothers

Immune: colds


Keyword: Digestion

Caraway Magic: the caraway serves as protection against Lilith, as well as all manner of evil spirits, entities and negativity. is free to access and use.
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